Friday, September 5, 2008

American Nuclear Revival?

The Nuclear Energy Institue created a series of ads to run at both the Democratic and Republican national conventions last week. This is the first time in a very long while that the Democrats have allowed nuclear energy to be freely and openly discussed within their party. Are the followers of Al Gore finally starting to come to their senses?

Granted, the difference between talking about an issue is different than actually acting on it. It could be that even though both parties have brought up the topic of nuclear power, they really do not intend to do anything about it. I wonder how the same environmentalists who have relaxed about nuclear power are going to react when they see them starting to be built? Are Amory Lovins and Helen Caldicott going to raise the battle cry against the nuclear demon rearing its ugly head again in the developed world? Time will tell.


toxqueen said...

HI, I'm Neurovore's mom. Yes, really.

I'm a scientist. Specifically, engineering and medicine. Went to college for a LOOOONG time, which means I am an evil being whose sole aim is to control the world and enslave millions in the horrors of technology. Like, you know, effective vaccines, cheap, nonpolluting fuel, enough to eat, and BIRTH CONTROL to stop indiscriminate human breeding. My point? It's this: anything you THINK is 'green', environmentally friendly, and scientifically wonderful/will save the earth, had better be well-researched with REPUTABLE sources (i.e. not PETA) before being posted here, as it will likely get a good going-over by me, the Queen of the Evil Empire. There is nothing worse than sloppy science. Get your facts straight, or I will roast you.

smellincoffee said...


Here's a video you may have already seen, as it's posted on YouTube by "Dr.Buzz0".

Carl Sagan discussing the potential of nuclear energy.

Neurovore said...

Actually, no I have not seen this particular video, but I have heard of the Orion project before.

There were other designs of nuclear rockets such as this one...

Which actually used a small reactor to heat up air as it was being pulled in to release superheated air out the other end, like a turbojet engine. The project never got off the ground (Literally) because the radiation shielding required was rather heavy, and designing lighter weight shielding was an expensive undertaking. It never came to pass because it was soon defunded by the Kennedy administration, but Rod Adams on his Atomic Insights blog


talks about reviving the concept of nuclear powered aircraft again, as well as nuclear powered ships.

Rod Adams (He is a nuclear engineer who started a company called Adams Atomic Engines) also has an hour and fourteen minute presentation on the possibilites of small nuclear engines and what applications they might have.

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