Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Proposal...

Ever since the creation of the Homeland Security Department, allowing guided tours of nuclear power plants by the public has been forbidden in the ensuing terrorism hysteria. I think that touring of nuclear installations should resume, as it would help educate the public about nuclear technology and its applications. It is not easy to destroy a nuclear power plant. Even in the worst case scenario, a light water reactor would not explode. If the core experienced a meltdown, the radiation released would be stopped by the containment dome. I doubt very much that a terrorist would pick a nuclear power plant as a potential target anyway. If an airplane crashed into a cooling tower, the plane would be smashed to rubble from the impact and there would be no visible damage to the building itself. This is because the outside structure of a nuclear power plant is comprised of solid concrete; six feet thick.


Wall: 1 Jet: 0

So anyway, the Homeland Security department is really making a mountain out of a molehill here (As usual). The public should be able to understand the basic idea of how nuclear power works and that it is nothing to be afraid of. Reinstating guided tours of nuclear energy stations across the country would go a long way towards accomplishing this goal.

Besides, if a terrorist really wanted to do a lot of damage, kill a lot of people, and cause fear, it would be a lot more practical to attack something like a hospital. Not to mention that the security and handling procedures surrounding the isotopes used in the nuclear medicine department are often quite lax. In order to find material for a dirty bomb, terrorists might have better luck raiding a radiology clinic.


BadTux said...

I'll point out that visitors to Iran are allowed to take tours of their (under construction) nuclear power plant. In fact, it's a popular tourist attraction in Iran. They run friggin' bus tours to the thing, for cryin' out loud, so that proud Iranians can see what America hates them for -- science and progress.

Who lives in the "free country" again?

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Neurovore said...

Hello, Badtux. Welcome to my humble blog. I am honored by your presence.

If I may ask a favor of you, could you send me the link for the comparison between Iranian democracy and American democracy that you posted awhile ago? It was a very interesting article and it is astonishing at how similar our political structures are to the nations that our government considers enemies.

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