Saturday, September 27, 2008

Religious Lunatics Strike Again

Anti-evolutionists on the school board of New Brunswick, North Carolina are pushing to have Creationism taught along side of evolutionary theory. According to resident Joel Fanti of New Brunswick:

"I wasn't here 2 million years ago," Fanti said. "If evolution is so slow, why don't we see anything evolving now?"

You DO see evolution happening. There is the current issue of the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotic medications in the medical field that is causing many people to worry. Antibiotics that were once considered top of the line a mere decades ago have now been rendered useless through their overuse and the rapid rate at which bacteria reproduce causing resistant generations to appear very quickly.

Evolution can also be seen in action with multicellular organisms as in the speciation of the European blackcap bird. Its population is splittling into two different migration patterns. This is causing two different breeding populations in the European blackcap that will lead to speciation from geographic isolation if this trend continues.

This is also happening with insects. Some European corn borers are now starting to show a preference for hops and mugwort instead of corn and will emit pheromones that will only attract other individuals with this preference. Because of the rapid rate of reproduction seen in most species of insects compared birds, this might cause speciation to happen at an even faster rate than in the European blackcap. Only a person of extraordinary ignorance of the biological sciences would say that evolution is not currently happening.

Fanti himself offered to teach creationism at the school board meeting amid cheering and clapping of hands. Spurred on by the rally against evolution, board members voiced their opposition to evolutionary theory and their reluctance at being forced to teach it. Apparently, this is a backlash against other states being forced to remove creationism from the public school curriculum.

This is exactly why religion is so destructive. If these people had their way, they would probably replace biology with a class espousing biblical literalism. This is the umpteenth attempt by religionists to inject their nonsense into public schools where they can indoctrinate an entire generation of children. I am doubtful that they would be able to get this blatant violation of church and state past the Supreme Court. However, if this attempt fails the religionists will probably try something else. As it is, I am sure that North Carolina's taxpayers are not going to appreciate being stuck with the legal fees that this is going to cost the school board.


smellincoffee said...

"If evolution moves so slowly, why don't we see it now?"

...because it moves slowly.

Neurovore said...

Fanti clearly did not pay attention in biology class when he was going to school.

I often wonder why education is not federally regulated as it is in other countries? If Each state had to follow the same federally approved education curriculum, you would not have nearly the amount of incidents like this. Granted, this assumes that we would actually have a somewhat rational discussion concerning education with the government. However, I am sure that federal Republicans would balk at the idea of federally mandating evolution.

smellincoffee said...

A national curriculum including evolution would undoubtedly make the cultural chauvinists/religious right in the Republican party throw tantrums -- to say nothing of threatening regional biases in children's textbooks in matters such as history.

Neurovore said...

Then they are just going to have to either shut the fuck up or go home and cry, since it is high time that the separation of church and state be fully enforced.

Luke said...

"I think it's a mistake to try to cloud the teachings of science with theories that frankly don't hold up to scientific inquiry." - Barack Obama

Enough said, really :)

Neurovore said...

Yes, now if only the religious right could listen...