Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stupid Child Tricks

I had a vasectomy last year at 23. I do not have any children, and I have never wanted any. Ever. Many people said that my decision was premature and rash, but I do not have any regrets about it. I will be quite frank, children make me cringe. I have neither the patience or the temperment to deal with one on a daily basis. Especially when something like this happens...

I am sorry, but this sort of behavior is INEXCUSABLE even from a child. In order for a child to do this even at such a young age is a sign of some sort of mental pathology. The child might be too young to face criminal charges but I do think that the child should be given a psychiatric evaluation, and be forbidden to go within 50 feet of anybody's pets or zoos. This sort of wanton destructive behavior on his part might eventually extend to other people around him if his mental condition is not diagnosed and treated now instead of waiting until something like this happens to his classmates.


Joffan said...

An analogy I saw today might also fit your response to the craziness of this one child. The possibility of choking is not an argument against eating solid food.

Most children are nothing like this child.

I respect your decision not to have children, although I don't know what research you conducted in the making of that decision with real children in a real environment. There's no doubt that children do demand a lot of their parents and represent a significant commitment. My first instinct also says your decision as premature, but I set that against the idea that many women could have had four or five children by that age in the past.

I had a colleague many years ago who was also adamantly opposed to the idea of having children, and had discussed this with his wife, who was of the same opinion... at the time. He now has two daughters. His initial reaction was that his wife had betrayed him; but somehow they stayed together and he loves his children dearly.

Neurovore said...

I know that most children are not as destructive as seen in this particular case. However, there is the matter that I have had to deal with my younger cousins on a daily basis as I have had to babysit them many times when I was a teenager. Although they were often quite nice as children go, I learned from the stress that resulted that I do not have the temperment to raise a child. I have also learned that as a parent, I would have to give up many things. I will not elaborate on all of them here for fear of going off on a tangent, but none of them are things that I would part with easily. My decision to have a vasectomy was not one that I have arrived at overnight. It was something that I thought about for several years. I feel that have put more thought into the idea of not having children than many people have about having them in the first place. I think that a responsible person should put a lot of thought as to why they want children in the first place as opposed to "Why Not?".

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