Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is Really Getting Old

Theocrats are being dragged into the future kicking and screaming; especially when you have universities in in Kentucky rehashing the Scopes trial even though the issue has long been settled (Or should have been) within the scientific community. America has not been founded with a state religion despite what the religious right would have you believe. How often must people listen to these lunatics before they understand that religion does not belong on the curriculum of a public school?

The fact that religious right is so intent on inserting itself into the US public school system should be a warning as to what exactly it has in mind. It mirrors the "hook 'em while they're young" approach used by the tobacco industry. However, I would say that tobacco executives are more honest by comparison as religion has been running this scam for thousands of years.

The "Greens" Are Running Out of Arguments

This has got to be one of the most idiotic reasons to oppose nuclear power that I have ever heard of. There are literally THOUSANDS of fish eggs produced by a single female with most fish, and of that number, only a few hundred would survive whether or not they were caught in a nuclear cooling tower. Fish eggs are tasty to a large number of animals; this is why fish evolved to produce large numbers of eggs to compensate for the amount of predation that their eggs face.

There is also the fact that even if all of those eggs actually hatched into fish fry, most of them would soon be gobbled down by creatures that like to eat baby fish. This also includes their parents in some cases. The fish roe and the fry that hatch from it are doomed in most ecosystems anyway, so it is no big loss to the environment.

Also, why single out nuclear power for this attack, when dams destroy millions of fish eggs and adult fish every year? This is not unique to nuclear power. This also fails to take into account that most LWR sites actually recirculate the water that is taken from an artificially constructed pond or lake, anyway. Finally, if we are going to talk about environmental damage to aquatic ecosystems then surely coal shares a large part of the blame for directly contributing to the phenomenon of mercury and heavy metal contamination of the surrounding water table.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stupid Child Tricks

I had a vasectomy last year at 23. I do not have any children, and I have never wanted any. Ever. Many people said that my decision was premature and rash, but I do not have any regrets about it. I will be quite frank, children make me cringe. I have neither the patience or the temperment to deal with one on a daily basis. Especially when something like this happens...


I am sorry, but this sort of behavior is INEXCUSABLE even from a child. In order for a child to do this even at such a young age is a sign of some sort of mental pathology. The child might be too young to face criminal charges but I do think that the child should be given a psychiatric evaluation, and be forbidden to go within 50 feet of anybody's pets or zoos. This sort of wanton destructive behavior on his part might eventually extend to other people around him if his mental condition is not diagnosed and treated now instead of waiting until something like this happens to his classmates.

Hope for Thorium Based Power?

Senators Harry Reid and Orrin Hatch introduced the Thorium Energy Independence and Security Act of 2008 on the 2nd of October.


This would clear some of the hurdles in place with the DOE and the NRC that would prevent advanced fission reactors like the LFTR from being built in the US. It would also mean that the thousands of tons worth of surplus thorium that the US has buried in the southwest would finally have a use. Other than the surplus, the US has a very high concentration of minerals that could be mined for thorium ore in Lehmi Pass, Idaho.

If this bill passes, and I hope it does, it would mean that America's energy policy would have some direction after all. Wind and solar power are not going to cut it, and coal has long overstayed its welcome. As an added bonus, the fission byproducts that result from a thorium fission reacton are practically useless for making nuclear warheads out of.