Sunday, January 18, 2009

Biology is in BIG Trouble

Creationists are causing a nuisance again. This time, they managed to get the Louisiana Science Education Act passed. This forces the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to let instructors teach whatever nonsense the instructors want to teach in place of established scientific theories. In other words, you can bet that this will be the perfect opportunity for intelligent design and other disguised forms of creationism to rear their ugly heads in the public classroom again. As if to drive the point home even further, the book Explore Evolution, by the Discovery Institute (A well-known creationist organization) is expected to be selected as the biology book of choice all across Louisiana. Shame on you, Bobby Jindahl!

Texas is about to fuck itself over as well. The Texas Board of Education spends massive amounts of money on textbooks every year. If the nutty creationists who sit on the Texas Board of Education get their way, this will have a negative influence on the entire biology textbook industry geared towards high school and grade school. This is because publishing companies will start producing more books that espouse intelligent design and other creationist nonsense in order to appeal to their main customers.

To all Louisianians and Texans reading this post, I suggest you go to your state government and public education representatives NOW and RAISE HELL! The future of science depends on you. Creationists are trying to dismantle science in an agenda to impose their narrow-minded ideology on the entire country.

Do not give up without a fight! The Texas Board of Education votes on this matter next week! The details can be read here on the Bad Astronomy blog.


Gerald Berry said...

This is fun. The Darwinists are apoplectic at the thought that Intelligent Design can be presented to students so that they may evaluate for themselves the shortcomings of Darwinism, the difficulty of explaining the origins of life without a Creator, the Cambrian Explosion, and the concept of irreducible complexity, (and perhaps the impossibility of comprehending the concept of infinity by the finite mind).

Neurovore said...

Presupposing that a creator exists or was responsible for creating something just because it is complex does not qualify as a valid scientific theory. Creationism, Intelligent Design, and other such theocratic nonsense presenting itself as being "alternative scientific theories" have nothing to do with science at all. If people feel that they have religious disagreements with evolution, then they should by all means believe what they want to believe OUT OF A PUBLICALLY FUNDED CLASSROOM. I am sure that the very people who are pushing for biblical creationism to be taught instead of evolution would have a heart attack at the thought of the Hindu or Ojibwe creation myth being taught instead.

Marcel F. Williams said...

Science is about explaining natural phenomena. Its not about religion or other supernatural concepts.

But if religious folks think a god or gods or devils or miracles can be explained through 'science' then they ought to present their scientific evidence. But if they think that supernatural beings like gods can't be explained through science then they need to get out of the biology, astronomy, geology, and physics classes and go read their Bibles.

Leave science to the scientist and religion to the priest, priestesses, monks, and ayatollahs!

Marcel F. Williams

BadTux said...

I'd get on the phone with politicians in Louisiana, but since, like all sensible Louisianians, I fled that decrepit cesspool of ignorance and stupidity long ago, they wouldn't listen to me.

All they're doing with this bullshit is driving away anybody with half a brain in their head and condemning the next generation to poverty and ignorance, but that's how they want it. So it goes.

- Badtux the (former) Louisiana Penguin

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