Friday, January 23, 2009

Here Is Your Chance to Be a Nuclear Technician!

The NEI blog posted something interesting today. Over at NEI they found a nuclear power plant simulator. It is an interesting little flash game that lets you set the control rod and coolant levels as you try to produce as much power as possible without causing a nuclear meltdown. You have two settings to choose from. "Normal" simulates a normal reactor, while "Difficult" simulates a reactor that has fallen behind on maintenance.

The demo version of game itself can be played at AE4RV by following this link. You can also play the full version of the game by downloading it. Consider this a small little indulgence at work or at school when you should be doing other things.


Joffan said...

My best on the demo version is $126731 (on Day 40 - I also found I can sneak a couple of extra days in and get about $133k on day 42) with the plant still in good condition. I tend to fractionally overload the turbines on the power ramp-up.

The game is certainly distorted in favor of causing disaster, but the reactor can be run fairly easily and stably at high power once the process of startup is clear.

sunnyskeptic said...

I think almost everything on the internet is an indulgence when you should be doing other things... :) I use it as my 'relax' time. :)

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