Friday, January 23, 2009

Here Is Your Chance to Be a Nuclear Technician!

The NEI blog posted something interesting today. Over at NEI they found a nuclear power plant simulator. It is an interesting little flash game that lets you set the control rod and coolant levels as you try to produce as much power as possible without causing a nuclear meltdown. You have two settings to choose from. "Normal" simulates a normal reactor, while "Difficult" simulates a reactor that has fallen behind on maintenance.

The demo version of game itself can be played at AE4RV by following this link. You can also play the full version of the game by downloading it. Consider this a small little indulgence at work or at school when you should be doing other things.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Biology is in BIG Trouble

Creationists are causing a nuisance again. This time, they managed to get the Louisiana Science Education Act passed. This forces the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to let instructors teach whatever nonsense the instructors want to teach in place of established scientific theories. In other words, you can bet that this will be the perfect opportunity for intelligent design and other disguised forms of creationism to rear their ugly heads in the public classroom again. As if to drive the point home even further, the book Explore Evolution, by the Discovery Institute (A well-known creationist organization) is expected to be selected as the biology book of choice all across Louisiana. Shame on you, Bobby Jindahl!

Texas is about to fuck itself over as well. The Texas Board of Education spends massive amounts of money on textbooks every year. If the nutty creationists who sit on the Texas Board of Education get their way, this will have a negative influence on the entire biology textbook industry geared towards high school and grade school. This is because publishing companies will start producing more books that espouse intelligent design and other creationist nonsense in order to appeal to their main customers.

To all Louisianians and Texans reading this post, I suggest you go to your state government and public education representatives NOW and RAISE HELL! The future of science depends on you. Creationists are trying to dismantle science in an agenda to impose their narrow-minded ideology on the entire country.

Do not give up without a fight! The Texas Board of Education votes on this matter next week! The details can be read here on the Bad Astronomy blog.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Impressions of AREVA

I attended the conference call hosted by AREVA on the 9th and it was a very interesting experience. AREVA was looking into setting up a blog of its own detailing its activities and was looking for feedback from members on the Nuclear Advocacy Webring. AREVA's representative allowed us all to ask questions and converse with each other in order to come to a consensus about the direction that it should take as part of its outreach policy.

I was thoroughly impressed with the friendly and open atmosphere during the conference call. All of us shared an interest in the future of nuclear energy and combating the idiotic and silly myths that have surrounded this valuable energy source. AREVA hopes to schedule more meetings like this in the future based on the success of this one.

Finally, I offer my thanks to the nuclear advocacy webring for being so supportive to all of its members. It is important that we work together to help combat the anti-nuclear hysteria that is so prevalent in some parts of the developed world. If we ever hope to take the challenge of helping the environment seriously, then nuclear power is the way forward.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Areva Conference Call

I have been contacted by Areva today regarding a conference call meeting regarding bloggers supporting nuclear power. This is an honor, as I am very grateful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge on the subject by listening to some of the most knowledgeable people on this subject anywhere. I thank Areva for its consideration and for noticing my humble blog.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with AREVA, it is a French-based multinational corporation that specializes in nuclear energy production, nuclear fuel mining, spent fuel disposal, and fuel reprocessing. The majority of AREVA is publicly owned and traded by the French government, so it is largely a public company. AREVA is also part of the Global Energy Partnership Alliance (GNEP), so this is a very high profile company.

AREVA has a presence in several countries across the world. It owns uranium mines in Canada, South Korea, and Niger. It manufacturers reactor components for several countries with an active nuclear infrastructure, including the US. As part of a recent deal, AREVA has even started working on construction contracts with the surging Chinese nuclear power industry.

Once again, I sincerely thank AREVA for contacting me. I am glad that our efforts in the Nuclear Advocacy Webring are not going unnoticed. I will make every effort to attend the conference call.