Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter is a holiday that is important to Christians because they believe that it is the day that Jesus Christ rose to heaven after being crucified by the Romans. However, as with most religious holidays different religions have been stealing each other's events and repackaging them for their own. In the case of Easter, it started off as a celebration of the vernal equinox as this signified the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It was not until the first Council of Nicaea in 325 C.E. that Easter became a floating Christian holiday.

I am am an atheist, but I still enjoy the trappings of Easter because of the fact that I like chocolate and Easter candy. I really like the different chocolate eggs that are made by the British chocolate company, Cadbury. The peanut butter-filled eggs are my favorite, but the cream-filled eggs are good as well. I bought some of those for myself today in addition to a chocolate rabbit. I also colored hard-boiled eggs on Friday simply because it is fun to do. For dinner, I made a roast leg of lamb and had an enjoyable evening. Although I do not believe in or follow the religious mythologies behind Easter, I think that the holiday is more about the renewal and the awakening of plants and animals during the spring after the monotony of winter.

The grass is finally starting to turn green where I live and leaf buds are appearing on the trees. Early spring is a rather depressing time of year because everything is drab and dirty after the snow melts and things do not begin to brighten up where I live until late March. Spring in most of the midwest is a rather short affair, and Illinois is no exception because the transition between winter and summer weather is rather abrupt here. The summer is my favorite time of year because that is when the weather is most conducive to swimming and other activities in addition to the fact that is usually when the local gardens and trees are in full bloom and the fragrance of their flowers hangs on the humid air.

I hope that today was an enjoyable day for my readers and I hope that their local weather is pleasant. At the moment, I am boiling a whole pot of lamb and beef bones that had been in my freezer for awhile as I am making stock for future use. I will see if I can get part 5 of my Nuclear Technology Basics series tomorrow as I want to start talking about different types of light water reactors.

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