Friday, June 24, 2011

Fantastic Friday: Book Review, Z Is For Zombie

The popularity of the zombie mythos has contributed to many books and movies as of late. One need only glance at recent video games such as the Left 4 Dead series or the movies 28 Weeks Later, Zombieland, and Shaun of the Dead to get a sense as to how much of an extent popular culture is obsessed with zombies. Although people have yet to write a romance story aimed towards teenage girls involving zombies ala the Twilight series it does not look like the human fascination with animated, rotting corpses is going to die down anytime soon. Zombies are still rising from the graves in our heads and continue to shamble onward through the corridors of our minds.

I admit I do have somewhat of an interest in the zombie genre myself, particularly when it knows not to take itself too seriously. I came upon Z Is For Zombie by Adam-Troy Castro by accident when browsing various fiction books published by HarperCollins. I was not sure what to expect, so I decided to read it on a whim.

I was not disappointed. The book cleverly gives each of the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet its own page on a subject dealing with zombies; such as "A is for Apocalypse", "B is for Buried", etc. written in a very tongue-in-cheek manner. In addition, a delightfully morbid illustration accompanies the subject for each page. The artists certainly did not skip on the gruesome details here. The illustrations are all in greyscale but the color of blood or viscera is rendered in various shades of pink and red in contrast to the monochromatic images. It was an interesting choice for effect as it made the scenes of carnage stand out more.

This was a fun little book, but I do have some rather small criticisms. The book was sweet but short as it only spanned sixty-four pages and a person could probably finish it in five minutes or less. I am also not sure what category to put this book in. Although I am sure that I lot of us remembered how much we delighted in hearing about violence and gore when we were children, overly concerned parents might snatch such a book as this out of their little hands. Also, since the book is so short, older individuals might not want to read it and simply dismiss it out of hand as being a "children's book" without wanting to read it. Such is a pity, for I think most people would find Z Is For Zombie worth spending a few minutes with.

In conclusion, Z is For Zombie makes an excellent book for a Halloween party or a rainy afternoon. I highly recommend it for anybody with an interest in the subject of zombies or survival horror. This is a nice little gem that is too unique to miss.


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