Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Blog Feature

For a long time, I have been thinking about having a "Friday Fun Day" on my blog like many other bloggers do. This is because I am not an entirely serious person as some of you can probably guess from my music player widget in the sidebar as well as the fun I had in designing the layout of my blog. Starting tomorrow, I am going to experiment with having a day dedicated to "miscellany" as I would like to post my reviews of recent books that I have read for NetGalley in addition to posting material on the topic of atheism/rational skepticism. Although it may seem like I am trying to crowd everything into Friday, there are other things that I want to blog about as well occasionally, yet I do not think that it is worth creating several blogs to do this with. N^4 is and will remain my only blog for the foreseeable future simply because I fear that another blog would become neglected in trying to balance the demands of different blogs at different times.

So, starting tomorrow, my blog will have its first post in a feature I will call "Fantastic Friday". Fantastic Friday will be like a variety show where I will post anything ranging from cooking recipes, book reviews, playthroughs of computer games, to thoughts on philosophy and atheism. Just remember to follow the safety procedures at all times when visiting, lest casual Friday go too far. The last thing I need is a big mess for all of the maintenance robots that run my blog to clean up in addition to lawsuits from angry parents and relatives.


Joffan said...

Good idea. I look forward to it - just make it a five-minute read so I don't waste, um, I mean, spend too much time on it. :-)

Or if you really want to suck my time away, put a tough sudoku on it.

Neurovore said...

Oh, hello Joffan.

Yes, well tomorrow I will review the book, Z Is For Zombie which is one of the books that a publisher wanted me to critique. The book was short but a fun and tongue-in-cheek romp through zombie fiction.

I am finally working on my glossary feature in my sidebar as it was something that needed doing for a long time.

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