Friday, July 1, 2011

Fantastic Friday: Best Macaroni and Cheese Ever!

I thought that I would share one of my favorite recipes of all time. This is a version of baked macaroni and cheese that is made with bechamel sauce. Although the reputation of macaroni and cheese has suffered immensely with those abominations in a box such as Kraft, you will no longer allow such culinary mockeries in your kitchen again. This is a simple and fast recipe that even the most inept cook will find success.

Included here is the sauce that you will need for the recipe.

As a bonus, I am including a rare recipe that I saved from a newspaper article many years ago. It is for "onion marmalade" which is a savory spread that goes well with roasted meats or cold cut and cheese sandwiches. It is made from onions that have been carmelized over low heat for a long period of time, making them mellow and sweet instead of their characteristic pungent flavor when raw.

Enjoy, everybody!

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