Friday, July 15, 2011

Fantastic Friday: What A Week!

For today's Fantastic Friday I give you a YouTube series called Epic Meal Time. Epic Meal Time features a group of young Canadian men who get together to make some of the most outrageous and fatty meals in existence. Each episode features a dish with unholy amounts of meat and cheese and they make a point of using bacon in every recipe. The end result is a sort of meat-nirvana that only the most dedicated eaters can ever hope to attain. The main host pretends to be constantly drunk and angry, and the sound of a bird cawing plays whenever he swears. They have a whole bunch of episodes and they come out with a new one every Tuesday. This week's episode features the "Epic Stockyard Burger", a bacon, cheese, bone marrow, and beef monstrosity that is stacked and then deep fried. I pity vegetarians, as they miss out on bliss such as this.

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