Monday, October 31, 2011

Today is Halloween!

Aside from a few religious fundamentalists and malcontents, Halloween is typically a fun occasion in which people dress up in fun costumes and go to parties. Children frequently go trick-or-treating by going from house to house to collect candy from strangers. While Halloween itself is a melange of mythologies from various cultures, it is one of most popular non-governmental holidays during the year in the American calendar.

Sadly, more and more people are trying to restrict or outright ban children from trick-or-treating; citing fears of children running into pedophiles and degenerates, gorging themselves on too much candy, teenagers causing trouble, or objections on religious grounds by framing Halloween has having irreligious connotations. I fear that this aspect of Halloween may soon be doomed simply because of how paranoid and over-protective people are becoming about their children. Although my childhood was far from ideal, I fondly remember the time I spent making my Halloween costumes and getting whole trash bags full of candy when I finally decided to retire for the evening. As with all holidays, the true meaning behind celebrating them is to have a good time, and I feel that the joys of Halloween should not be allowed to languish.

As you can see, my blog seems to have been engulfed by some sort of strange biomass that is slowly infiltrating the premises. Some people are terrorized by vampires, werewolves, and ghosts, but those people are lucky by comparison as sitting in a room with the walls covered in pink, squishy, meat is quite disturbing. I have changed the music selection on the radio in celebration for Halloween while I figure out how to reclaim my infested facility and the robots that have also fallen to this disgusting mass of tissue.